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9, with over 98% of all installations currently using this version. A scheduled task is added to Windows Task Scheduler in order to launch the program at various scheduled times ( the schedule varies depending on the version).

The most used version is 3. Diet Tracker screenshots - Microsoft Windows The following screenshots were taken in version 3 of the Perfect Diet Tracker using Windows 7. The screen shots may vary slightly between different versions of Windows however the software features performance will be identical.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us at so we can help. Tracker2Go is the only mobile app designed to work with the Perfect Diet Tracker, however it is also a fully functional app in its own right! Perfect Diet Tracker Byoni Ltd.

The Perfect Diet Tracker has an extensive built in food database, however to make the most of the software we recommend you enable the internet search feature to add specific search results for your location. If you have both the Perfect Diet Tracker food , Tracker2Go you can use the new sync feature to keep your diary exercise databases in sync over your local network. We believe the Perfect Diet Tracker is quite simply the best app of its kind available and want to keep it that way! Byoni perfect tracker διατροφής.

Byoni lifestyle software license agreement installing using the perfect diet tracker software on your computer indicates your acceptance of these terms the Perfect Diet Tracker. Perfect Diet Tracker is a program developed by Byoni Ltd.

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Byoni lifestyle software license agreement installing and using the perfect diet tracker software on your computer indicates your acceptance of these terms and the Perfect Diet Tracker. To start your free trial simply click on the download button below for the type of computer you are using ( Windows, Mac or Linux). The download will then start and you will be shown instructions on how to install the Perfect Diet Tracker and start your free seven day trial. Open the Perfect Diet Tracker. If you have any problems starting the Perfect Diet Tracker, right click on the icon and check the permissions are set to allow the application to execute.
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The Perfect Diet Tracker requires a 32 bit display to the Perfect Diet Tracker. Perfect Diet Tracker help file 2 Logging In 3 Adding a new user 4 To add a new user 4 Step 1 5 Step 2 7 Step 3 8 Step 4 9 Using the Perfect Diet Tracker 10 The main diary window 10 Searching for food 15 Adding a new food product 17 Add from favorites 19.

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